«Send to Chat» feature

So I have this situation happen from time to time: an e-mail exchange with someone starts reasonably epistolar («Hello X, I write to you because…») with long, slow-paced messages, perhaps once per day, where we lay out the specifics of the conversation. Eventually, once the conversation develops, it becomes quicker: greetings and farewells disappear, and messages are exchanged on the go, minutes apart, not unlike a chat.

I feel that having a way to more or less smoothly transition from my usual e-mail client (where most mail exchanges start) to Delta Chat would be awesome, because I could use each software where it is more adequate.

Currently I know I can do the opposite easily (I can open my regular mail client and answer any delta chat conversation as if it were a regular e-mail, so writing slowly and deliberatedly), but I’m unsure on how to go the other way around.

Starting a new conversation with that person via Delta Chat is certainly an option, but it would break the thread of the initial mail exchange, and the pace too («Wait, let’s write here now»). It can potentially cause confusion too, if they don’t understand what Delta Chat is and reply to the old thread instead.

Would there be any way to turn a regular mail conversation into a Delta Chat one (and ideally vice-versa)?

[Good DinizCabreira,

actually, if having set “all” folders to view, when looking into “contact requests” it would be always possible to get a tread, if headers are well sorted complete into a chat and the other would just recognize a “new outlook”, following maybe the footer inviation.]