Should Make the Jitsi the default video chat

I am trying to get a lot of people to use this and seem to be getting emailed a lot on how to use voice chat.

I made a tutorial for them I point to now but, anyway you can make all of the next builds just use jitsi by default and have the voice video calls enabled by default?

I think it is better as it is, because it gives you the freedom to choose the provider you want.
I think it would be better to document the use of provider configuration QRCodes.

Send or scan this QRCode to set jitsi as provider:

Or maybe just have a easy switch for it. Just something that makes it dummy proof to be fully chatting once installed.

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Maybe having a jitsi server preconfigured could be a good idea (always allowing you to edit it), but I’d still keep a/v calls disabled by default

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I’m currently working with @flipsimon on this, I don’t think it will make it to this release but i guess the one after :slight_smile: Basically the idea is that if you click to enable videochat, in the dialog jitsi will be already filled in by default and you only need to click okay.

I think if it pre-configured and this should be able to talk via DC app instead of browser.

Having a call button and after click the button automatically send the link other person.
if the delivery time is current time it can ring longer instead of a notification sound and if the delivery time is greater than 1 minute or 1.5 minute it can be notify as a missed call.

And sender side can show waiting or connecting for 1 minute or 1.5 minute :blush:

I think it is possible. And this way we will be able to solve having a server problem and voip call.