SimpleBot plugin for verified groups

Hi! I am wondering if you guys are planning to add a plugin which would allow SimpleBot to participate a verified groups?

hi, I just wrote this small script for you:

at the top of the script are instructions to install the script’s dependencies.

The scripts adds a filter to the bot, with it the bot can verify you if you send him your contact QR, you can also send the QR data directly if you don’t want to install the dependencies for QR image processing, also the script adds a command /contactQR to get the bot’s verification QR, you can scan that QR to verify the bot and share that QR with other people so they can verify the bot.

To install the plugin:

git clone
simplebot -a plugin --add simplebot-scripts/scripts/

This is a bot using that script:

enjoy :tada:


Oh, great, thank you very much! I will check and provide a feedback )

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Installation has been done successfully, bot is answering to direct messages and sending QR code for /contactQR command, so I can verify it scanning it with a phone the same way it is done with a regular user.
I can add it to verified group also now. Though when someone sends a message in a verified group - bot answers to the one who added it to the group as expected, but others in a verified group receive UNCHECKED … – [This message was encrypted for another setup.]…

May I ask for your advise how to fix it?

no idea, sorry, I don’t understand well your description of the issue, but sounds as a core issue with key gossip, I haven’t tested much the verified groups, but IIRC I was in a verified group in the past with some friends and we have bots there without issues,

without info about the bot’s core version and the group members’ versions etc. it is hard to tell what is going on

Tell it to try to temporarily disable encryption, have it send to the bot /echo or /help then have it re-enable encryption, so there should be key swapping.

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I get through steps you advised - bot works as expected now. Thanks a lot!