Steady sending, less to no recipient

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since some days problems to get messages via DC and seemingly also to send. Mostly status updating or connecting, while steady sending although not having send any new and all marked as send. Looking via online client, many recipient notes but all messages the last days only having send remarks as if not read yet. Also many messages in inbox, not transfered to dc-folder.

Any hints are appreciated.

This looks like a problem with your server. I have just tried with the server you are using (with an account that you created for me previously), I can send from it, but it does not receive any mails. The messages are sent out, but read receipts and messages can’t arrive back.

Edit: seems to work now.
But yesterday I couldn’t connect to the server at all.

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Sadhu for generosity and care!

Generous server-manager, master Moritz, just also got aware and solved the issue of which is largely “out of space”, hardly to solve as user and no special error sign when quota not active.

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