🧪 Testing upcoming v1.13.0 release

This series is a lot about improving the login and “welcome” experience besides improving the overall ux (especially with saving group settings, creating chats…)

  • Overhauled welcome, login & multi account overview
  • Overhauled qr code scanning
  • Removed the Close button on dialogs to always have all dialog interactions in the dialog footer

Some impressions

What would be helpful to test

  • Login/Logout with as many providers as possible, wrong passwords, manual port configs…
  • QR Code scanning
  • Normal day usage

Please submit if possible all bugs & issues to our github issue tracker https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-desktop/issues . If this is not possible, every other communication channel to reach out to a desktop dev is fine too :slight_smile:





thanks a lot, these are impressive onboarding changes :ok_hand:

/me now installing the mac version

a first side note: the device-message has to be removed or updated (currently, a device message for 1.10 is added)

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Definitely an improvement, thanks! Some expressions should be translated (into German), as I saw in the video. I am Austrian, shall I commit/help out, and if so, where can I contribute?

All the translations happen on https://www.transifex.com/delta-chat/public/, it is linked from https://delta.chat/en/contribute page.

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Thank you, I have visited the Delta Chat App project at Transifex, but (once again) no strings are to be translated, although there are quite a few left in English.

We sometimes use “experimental” strings which we first need to push to the transifex repo. Probably it grew quite a lot :smiley: What strings do you mean?

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Those in your video above, e.g. “LOAD QR CODE AS IMAGE” or “REMOVE ACCOUNT”.

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1.13.0 is out for final testing before the public release: https://download.delta.chat/desktop/v1.13.0/

We’ll release this version in one week from now, so let’s try to find the most anoying bugs before the public release.

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I am trying it.
The only thing there is, that the icon problem on GNU / Linux Debian (Gnome) has not been fixed.

It’s not something I can easily test as I have an icon theme active that overwrites the deltachat icon, so I see it always.
Fixing this is currently not on my priority list, feel free to make a pr if you absolutely need this thing fixed.
Maybe I’ll try this in my debian vm when I got some time laying around.

Update: was easier than I thought, opened a pr will probably be included in the next version (1.14). https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-desktop/pull/1912

I released version 1.13.1 which fixes a few smaller bugs from 1.13.0
I will push the update to the appstores in the following days.

A bug was found that makes some provides unusable: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-desktop/issues/1910
It’s because we still use the older 1.45 core, the 1.46 core has that bug fixed already.
I’ll work on a 1.14 version that contains a newer core. so we then could release that one.

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Android and iOS have the same but so we decided to push it to the appstores. (also for some silly reason apples appstore still is reviewing 1.12 so we can publish 1.13 only after they processed it)
The 1.14 version will take a bit longer I think, because we currently wait on the 1.47 core that is to be released soon-ish.
We’ll notify you if there is enough stuff to test.
If you’re living on the edge and like to test the master versions feel free to do so (in this case don’t forget to mention which commit you are using in your issues :wink:).

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@Simon did not want to criticize or rush: I wanted to point out that the icon is not visible yet (for me it is not a problem).
On the other hand I am part of the testing group, if I do not test what purpose do I have? :smile:
And anyway I can’t make any criticisms anyway, from what I see you are a hard working person. :open_mouth:

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