Testing upcoming v1.13.0 release

This series is a lot about improving the login and “welcome” experience besides improving the overall ux (especially with saving group settings, creating chats…)

  • Overhauled welcome, login & multi account overview
  • Overhauled qr code scanning
  • Removed the Close button on dialogs to always have all dialog interactions in the dialog footer

Some impressions

What would be helpful to test

  • Login/Logout with as many providers as possible, wrong passwords, manual port configs…
  • QR Code scanning
  • Normal day usage

Please submit if possible all bugs & issues to our github issue tracker https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-desktop/issues . If this is not possible, every other communication channel to reach out to a desktop dev is fine too :slight_smile:





thanks a lot, these are impressive onboarding changes :ok_hand:

/me now installing the mac version

a first side note: the device-message has to be removed or updated (currently, a device message for 1.10 is added)

Definitely an improvement, thanks! Some expressions should be translated (into German), as I saw in the video. I am Austrian, shall I commit/help out, and if so, where can I contribute?

All the translations happen on https://www.transifex.com/delta-chat/public/, it is linked from https://delta.chat/en/contribute page.

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Thank you, I have visited the Delta Chat App project at Transifex, but (once again) no strings are to be translated, although there are quite a few left in English.

We sometimes use “experimental” strings which we first need to push to the transifex repo. Probably it grew quite a lot :smiley: What strings do you mean?

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Those in your video above, e.g. “LOAD QR CODE AS IMAGE” or “REMOVE ACCOUNT”.

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