Unable to import keys or use Autocrypt

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

I select keys to import from the advanced/manage keys menu and the keys are imported into the app.

Actual behavior

I get an error saying
IMEX failed to complete: 0s { code: 20, kind: Other, message: \ “Not a directory”}"

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. open advanced menu
  2. select the keys to import

Screen snapshots

Debug logs


    "arch": "64",
    "bcc_self": "0",
    "blobdir": "/home/sansa/.config/DeltaChat/63686174406368726973776572652e756b/db.sqlite-blobs",
    "configured_mvbox_folder": "DeltaChat",
    "configured_sentbox_folder": "<unset>",
    "database_dir": "/home/sansa/.config/DeltaChat/63686174406368726973776572652e756b/db.sqlite",
    "database_version": "61",
    "deltachat_core_version": "v1.0.0-beta.21",
    "display_name": "Chris Were",
    "e2ee_enabled": "1",
    "entered_account_settings": "chat@chriswere.uk imap:chat@chriswere.uk:***:mail.gandi.net:0:cert_automatic smtp:chat@chriswere.uk:***:mail.gandi.net:0:cert_automatic 0",
    "fingerprint": "74D3FB2690B12C705C0447FA3DAA65B8EC055378",
    "folders_configured": "3",
    "inbox_watch": "1",
    "is_configured": "1",
    "level": "awesome",
    "mdns_enabled": "1",
    "messages_in_contact_requests": "0",
    "mvbox_move": "1",
    "mvbox_watch": "1",
    "number_of_chat_messages": "84",
    "number_of_chats": "7",
    "number_of_contacts": "6",
    "private_key_count": "1",
    "public_key_count": "6",
    "selfavatar": "/home/sansa/.config/DeltaChat/63686174406368726973776572652e756b/db.sqlite-blobs/avatar-cwd.png",
    "sentbox_watch": "1",
    "sqlite_thread_safe": "1",
    "sqlite_version": "3.29.0",
    "used_account_settings": "chat@chriswere.uk imap:chat@chriswere.uk:***:mail.gandi.net:993:cert_automatic smtp:chat@chriswere.uk:***:mail.gandi.net:465:cert_automatic AUTH_NORMAL 0x4IMAP_SSL 0x200SMTP_SSL 0x20000"

It’s like the desktop app wants me to pick a folder, but the dialog box only let’s be choose a file. Perhaps a bug?

This works fine on the mobile app.

yeah its a bug: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-desktop/issues/1226

Its already fixed, but not released yet.

If you have arch you can get the newest ‘master’-branch version from Git via yay -S deltachat-desktop-git or you wait for the next release and

  • import a full backup from mobile, that contains also the key.
  • or do an autocrypt setup (send an autocrypt setup message from mobile)