Use '@someone' to draw their attention to a message

  1. In the forum, I can use ‘@someone’ to draw their attention to a message. Is it possible to add this feature in DeltaChat group chats as well? For multiple mentions of the same person, it seems appropriate to borrow the management method of the ‘Chat Audit Log’.

  2. When we use WeChat, there is an interesting feature called “Double Tap” or “Tap Tap.” In WeChat, this feature is referred to as “Tickle,” which allows you to double-tap on any user’s profile picture in the chat interface, and then a ‘Chat Audit log’ will be generated saying ‘I tickled xxx.’ .
    Users have the ability to customize the message content that appears when someone else “tickles” them. For example, if someone “tickles” me and decides to invite me out for a meal, the customized message could say something like “Someone tickled me and wants to treat me to dinner!”.The bolded part is the customizable section that users can modify according to their preference.

I mentioned this because I noticed that DeltaChat already has a ‘Chat Audit Log,’ and it seems that implementing a ‘tickle’ feature might only require adding a double-tap trigger. Of course, since I am not a programmer, this is just speculation on my part. While the ‘tickle’ feature may add more entertainment value, I believe the ‘@’ function is more practical for daily use.

Here is an image of the ‘tickle’ effect. I think the ‘Chat Audit Log’ offers better functionality because it allows you to review past interactions and click to jump directly to specific messages, which is really great.

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