Used storage space

Valued Delta-Chat team, developers, users,

not sure how Delta-user, those who mainly make use of it, and care a little about used resources, handle the issue of management and overview of lasting storage, or used, on their server. Not sure if it would be generally possible to integrate a function which whould show ones mass or order.

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yes, more storage-management is on the very-long-term-wishlist, however, there are soooo many things we still want to do.

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It wouldn’t end, the desire after control, sure, aside if storage has been used off, good Master Hocuri.

Could someone move this to Feature requests?

Some email servers support QUOTA extension, we could warn with a device message if it is about to be exceeded.


that would be really nice, it is a common issue that people with get full inbox and don’t realize what is going on then they reinstall the app etc.

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To give it a higher virtue reason: it’s also a way to make people aware of what they use, their debts increasing and possible train modesty and care, clean and let go, rather than to store up on others sholders for long or get later into debt, hard to carry, when the cheat of “free” fades later on. One could get also carbon-reducing-fonds if writing a purposal with some numbers of facts. A real “customer-care”-feature.