Using/importing contacts on desktop program


I think it would be very nice to use the CardDAV address book of your mail provider in Delta Chat.

In the current state you have to type in the mail address and name, if you want to chat with someone. Those information are already in my CardDAV address book :slight_smile:

What do you think?


it would be also useful to allow to export/import contacts in Delta Chat

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btw, welcome to the forum, @jonsger and @x-joe

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Android has it - cause there is OS integration of accounts and other apps like DAVx that do it without google.
I’m really too lazy to enter contacts into the desktop app when creating a group with not only one user. I’ll do it on my phone cause all my carddav contacts are there (synced by DAVx)
I wish Delta.Chat Desktop would be able to sync contacts from carddav sources. (My contacts are in a nextcloud instance which syncs fine with Thunderbird)


The problem could be much smaller, if after the installation deltachat would collect the known addresses, more precisely the “email-approved” addresses, from the preexisting messages on the server. (And completely syncing the address book could then only be a matter of placing a list of minimal “messages” into some /DeltaChat/contacts subfolder.)

For a further description look for MsgSCAN in [Wiki] IMAP strategy to chat within the email ecosystem .

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Being able to import contacts pretty much a deal breaker for me. Never copied and pasted a contact list by hand and certainly don’t intend to start now :wink:

Unless I’m missing something obvious and we can now import contacts ?

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Unfortunately not in desktop yet, but you can import contracts in mobile and then import a backup of your mobile DC into the desktop DC. That’s the easiest workaround that I can think of.

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Thanks Simon, now I vaguely remember a reference to something like that in another discussion, but it didn’t sink in, sorry!

Mobile option a great workaround.

I made an PR that enables one to use the dev-console to import contacts from an json array:
That will be another workaround, until we have support for cardDav or sth. similar.

These functions are highly experimental, use at your own risk.
- importContacts (contacts:[email,name][]) // for mass importing contacts
    example: type "exp.importContacts([['', 'Heinz Herlich'],['','Berta Bissig']])"