Using own PGP key on iOS without Autocrypt — no longer available?

I’m using Delta Chat v1.1.0 on iOS 13.3.

I am trying to import my own PGP key. I do not have another client which uses Autocrypt.

I have found this answer in the FAQs. I cannot, however, find where in the app this menu is located.

I’ve tried searching the source in Github, and I cannot find a string matching “Manage private keys”. I wonder if this has been deprecated.

Is there a facility to import my own PGP key, without using Autocrypt? Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

hi @Neil - welcome aboard :slight_smile:

“manage private keys” is in fact not yet available in the ios client; i’ve filed an issue for that.

however, autocrypt setup messages should work - as well as importing a whole backup from eg. android or desktop that contain all keys then.

Aha - my bad. Thank you, @r10s.