Where are put the Sent messages on the server?


just started to use Delta.chat. The only thing I regret is simply why nobody told me it existed ? :smiley:
Okay, just trying to figure out where are put sent messages from app ?

While at: is it normal that messages do not sync between apps/devices ?


Hi and welcome,

Messages sent with Delta Chat are locally stored when using default settings. Unlike a common mail client that usually sends messages twice - one time to the SMTP relay and the other time to the IMAP server - , Delta Chat only does it once (via SMTP). The reason for having this configuration as default is that some users struggle with limited Internet connection bandwidth and also limited space in their mailboxes, so they will not get unnecessarily bloated.

Should you need copies of sent messages on your IMAP server, just enable the function “Send copy to self”. This way, a “blind carbon copy” (bcc:) of each message you send with Delta Chat will be sent back to your mailbox.


Thanks. The sole use for this for me is when I switching device. Currently, I have installed Delta.Chat on every devices (pro or personal). It quite disturbs me not to find the same content everywhere.

I configured all the devices from device 1 (taking a full backup). Will add the Send a copy to me and that should do it.

Perfect !