Where is share button gone?

Dear DC-Team,
I sometimes used to share pictures with Whatsapp. Since the update to 0.100 I cannot find the way to do this anymore. I use Sailfish OS with Android 4.1 as a VM. When sharing there opened a window where I could choose the app to share with. (Whatsapp, Filebrowser, …) Is this feature gone or will it come back again in future releases, or am I just too stupid to find it? Any help appreciated.
Thanx an greetings from Austria.

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hi @broncheolus, thank you for your post.

in fact, there is currently no button to share from delta to an external program (there’s currently some progress on the other way round).

as an alternative, it is possible to “export” the data by clicking on computer-disk icon after long-tapping an image. however, i am pretty sure, if there are some requests for sharing to other programs, there will be some developers who will implement this feature :slight_smile:

Thanx for your answer!
But wasn’t that feature there before 0.100 or am I dreaming? (for me everything is possible, I’m quite a dreamy person)

yip, it was there in older version.
with 0.100 we’ve switched the ui completely and based it on “signal” instead of “telegram” as maintaining the latter was too much effort in the long run.

so, 0.100 has a much better codebase, however, some features are gone and not yet re-implemented.

https://delta.chat/en/2019-01-27-releases gives some more details about this.

Thanks for your answer. Geetings.