Which mailprovider

… which of these two mailproviders works best in combination with Delta-Chat in your opinion:

  1. disroot.org
  2. dismail.de

i wanna make an account to use Delta-Chat from now on.

Many thanx in advance.

PS.: where is the latest version of the providers-list ???

Hi :slight_smile:

I didn’t try them, but I heard that disroot has some nasty delays sometimes.

Anyway, you can compare providers here: https://providers.delta.chat/

It works with Disroot, but you may want to ask to be whitelisted support@disroot.org, just so that your account isn’t suspecting of spamming.

It is also on the todo list to improve Delta chat handling by Disroot server: https://board.disroot.org/project/disroot-disroot/epic/2419