Width/Size of text field below portrait pictures

If I receive or send messages with pictures in portrait orientation, the text field is also limited to the width of the picture. What do you think to extend the text field to the width of a normal text message below the picture? If someone writes a few more words below a portrait picture the message is narrow and high and the other half of the screen is empty.


yip, makes sense. however, the text and the image would be of differnet widths then, so, this might be more complicated that it seems at a first glance.

I noticed with uncompressed pictures, that the preview of portrait pictures is in landscape mode. So the upper and lower part is not shown in the preview. May be this is a different topic and I dont know if it is by intention or an error. A reasonable solution could be to make the preview of portrait pictures in quadratic shape?

Yes, I agree, I don’t like it very much either, the way the text looks in the narrow images.

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In landscape mode on the tablet there is even more empty space. Here we have the effect always, if a picture is combined with text.