Wrongly added mails - no chat

hi there,

i tried delta chat some while ago and wrote some chats to a friend. Now other mails - not related to the first conversation - from and with that friend are also added to that conversation.

So i ask myself how and if how delta chat can differ between mails that belong to a conversation. Until now i thought maybe something as simple as the subject is used. But as the now added mails have a different subject i am asking myself also if there is a way to “disconnect” the wrongly as chat marked mails from the chat.

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hi @kaktux,

there is the option “show classic mails” in the “advanced” settings. here you can define which mails of are shown:

  • chats only - only delta-chat-mails and replies to these mails are shown. these replies, however, can come much later and with any subject
  • for accepted contacts - for established chats, all mails are shown
  • all - all mails are shown resp. a contact-request is triggered for them

the default value has changed over time, currently it is “chats only”, however, it might be different on your device.

Were these other mails ones with a new subject? As per @r10’s post, If you select “chats only” then such new mails should not appear in your Delta Chat. If you select any of the other two options, new mails, even with a new subject, would appear in your Delta Chat.

Also, probably not too relevant but was there outlook.com involved on either side?

not sure if it is related:
had an issue with a non-delta contact that sent me a message and that message was shown in a dc group the user is no way related to, and corrupted the group, showing 2 members (he and I) until someone else from the group sent a message and fixed the group again.

(it is not the first time that something like this happens to me)

Change it to “all” and the problem arises just as reported @kaktux. All emails are shown, and there is no distiction is between email and chat messages. Thus the proposed metric that could serve to move only email messages qualifying to start a chat into the chat folder.

thx for the answers -but.
I dont have a setting like that.

Under Setttings-> Advanced i have :
Send autocrypt setup message
prefer end-to-end encryption
IMAP folder handling
Watch Inbox folder
Watch sent folder
Watch Deltachat folder
Automatic moves to DeltaChat folder
Manage keys
View Log

To the other questions:
Yes - the wrongly added Emails had a new/different subject.
Outlook was not involved. I sent via thunderbird the reply was from a webmailer (united internet/gmx in germany)

I get what the setting does - but since i dont have it in - it blows :wink:

I installed delta chat via fdroid - the version is v0.101.1. I use a Jolla 1 with sailfish (so an emulated android - but i dont think this should be the problem as everything else works fine).

That version is rather old try updating it https://f-droid.org/packages/com.b44t.messenger/
We have 0.304.0 now

thx - that was indeed the simple solution. For some reason fdroid didnt show me the update. After reinstalling that i was able to get it.
I know changed the setting - it doesn’t seem to be influencing old chats - but thats ok.

thx for all your help.

Sometimes you need to update your package-repository in f-droid - I think you can trigger it by pulling the icons down an the overview site - like you would want to reload a page in chrome.