A bridge between Delta Chat and Signal

Those last few days a lot a people have left Whats app (good thing) but they all gone using Signal (not so bad app i’ve heard, but sad for Delta Chat).
Is there any way to create a bridge between Delta Chat and Signal ?

Signal offers no interface to the outside world except the API used by the official client:

It’s not possible to contact any Signal user without registering on their server with a phone number. Maybe you can bridge Signal group to Delta Chat by creating a Delta Chat bot and interfacing via signal-cli, but it is probably not worth it and signal-cli usage may be considered a violation of Signal terms of service.

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this suck.
Ok, thanks for taking time to explain.

Yeah, Signal is centralized now so it will probably have the same problems as WhatsApp in the future.

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According to the replies Signal could be a no go, but what about Telegram?

There are certainly similar bots, though I suspect that the TG user would need to authorise the bot.