A philosophy distinction

There is (rightly) a view in the dev community of those of us that uses Delta Chat with all kinds of mail, as a general MUA, for the main inbox (I use it in conjuction with notmuch [for starting threads, for longer messages, and for more complex search]), as in some sorta experimental swamp (although there has been some amazing improvements :heart:) and that the “real” users are those who use it for chats only and have expectations from competing chat apps.

I’m not here to argue against that.

What I do want to say, though, is that even those who only use it for chats, who have the Delta Chat folder thing in… they’e gonna interact with other MUAs, aren’t they? That’s what makes Delta Chat so precious and special compared to other chat apps, how it lets us talk to anyone.

“But Signal/Telegram/Whatsapp can do it!” Well, they don’t have to be polite to other clients. We do. Always. (And by polite I mean refrain from sending inappropriate mail.)

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Yes, but “we” create more data-trash, even if all send kind. And so “politeness” gets most a matter of block or spam, as not talking/sending to MUAs but distinguishing people, used to certain food, and although ever-hungry with limited belly.

Thinking on the topic “polite”: Maybe there is a possibility to leave groups if not using DC. Usually a un-subscription link would be send.

Worthy a feature?

Or maybe autoremove if there isn’t any response for certain time?