A way to find replies to a message

Sometimes I ask a question and someone answers by replying to my message. But finding the answer is not easy among messages. It would be good if there was a way the user could find replies to a message. Or that replies to own messages are shown specially or have some special notification.

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There was a proposal for this and even a desktop pr, but currently there is no core API to get all replies to a message, so you would need to iterate/load all messages of a chat, which would be super slow (because it would need to be done for every message), so we need to build in support for it: Show Reply Count in Message Metadata

Another idea was to have an inbox at some point when we have mentions similar to Discord (like you can get notified for replies and mentions across chats even when you muted the chat, maybe).

Then there is the idea of a thread view similar to Telegram: Threads in Group Chats - #10 by Simon

Or see the Thread Proposal in general: Threads in Group Chats

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indeed this would be awesome, this is how threads work in telegram, you can how many replies does a message have in the message bubble and display the thread, since DC is an email app, and threads are an important nice feature of email, it is just natural we also have that feature signal also allows displaying this

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