A way to reorder accounts in the account switcher

If you have many accounts (e.g. if you’re using nine.testrun.org as a “disposable email” service), it’s usually the case that some are used more often than others, so you’d want to see them at the top of the (scrollable) account switcher element, so you don’t have to scroll to switch to them.

I guess a drag-and-drop would work.

As a workaround I tried reordering them in the accounts.toml file, but that didn’t seem to have effect.

I suppose this could also apply to the mobile version.

On the other hand you could argue that my use case is not an intended one and I should find a different disposable email service.


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there is already some discussion about this in Account Sidebar: Further Steps · Issue #3671 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

main question currently is where and how to save the position

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