Ability to add a message subject

Hello. Delta is a cool app, but I was confused by the inability to give a name to the message subject.
The interlocutor receives messages with a subject of the form:
"Chat: “Hello my friend, I want to congratulate you o[…]”.
Agree, it looks ugly when the subject of the letter consists of the initial lines of the letter itself?
Make it possible to enter a chat topic when adding a contact.
The entered topic will be sent with each message instead of what is now.

hi, @userdelta - welcome aboard! there were several longer discussions about the subject, eg. at Subject of emails

tl:dr - you can set the subject in outgoing mails by creating a group with the desired recipients - in non-delta-clients the group name is shown as the subject then.

(this also has the advantage that replies stay in context and you can mail to several people)

Thanks for the help, however, creating separate groups for each of the 20 contacts will be inconvenient. The list of contacts and groups will become too long.

it is just an option, but if you really want to have an explicit subject and a concrete member list, there is a way that supports that.

at least for me, creating a group, setting a group name and selecting some members is not much more work than in other mail programs. of course, a quick-reply with a changed subject is not doable this way, but it offers some nice opportunities without breaking messenger ux.

btw, there is also the rough idea of a “clone chat” function - this would also make some flows easier.

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Excellent idea :slight_smile:

“clone chat” and change the name is exactly what I thought about today.

What I needed was to send a message to a subset of an existing group.