Ability to automaticly delete attachments after some time to save provider space

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Expected behavior

The additional idea here is the ability to set vanishing time for attachments (6M, 1Y, etc) so you will save a lot of space in you email postbox.
additionally we have so more granulated control like:

  • set the message size to delete (greater then)
  • choosing the type of attachment to delete (file, audio, media)
  • of cause setting the past time (6M, 1Y, etc)

Actual behavior

delete ALL messages automatically after some time or delete a message manually

Good if more and more thoughts go into direction of “what’s about all the traffic and memory” and ideas of how to come at least into the area of ‘recycling’ if no eyes for ‘avoiding’ yet.

There are very limited tools for ‘smart’ clean ups, aside of doing ‘one by one’ jobs.

What about a sort-able list of all messages, where selection and action with selected could be made? Sure, an IT-dummy reflects, not aware of what such menu/list would take.