"aborting previously unfinished QR code join process" error

I’m getting this with certain contacts that I’m trying to upgrade to verified contact status using the QR codes. It seems to occur when I scan the code or use the openpgp4 string as an argument on the command line.

What’s weird is that the contact shows up as verified now on my mobile device, but not my desktop. Even though I did the actually scanning of the contact QR code using the webcam on my desktop!

After i scanned the QR code, I immediately got this error on the desktop " “aborting previously unfinished QR code join process”"

Then a few minutes later I got another error message on the desktop, “Cannot establish guaranteed end-to-end encryption with USER (user@domain.tld) .”

Both mobile and desktop clients are running latest 1.42.4 versions.

Now it seems to have resolved ittself. I got a third message on desktop client that says “Messages are guaranteed to be end-to-end encrypted from now on. Tap to learn more.”
and the contact now has the green verified checkmark. Strange.

Are you sure you ran the latest version on desktop?
1.42.1 should be the version there or at least not 1.42.4 (the Android Version)

Ah, good catch. I downloaded the latest for macOS so I assumed the version matched mobile client. Desktop is 1.42.1 as you described.

Screen Shot 2023-11-26 at 7.44.11 AM

If you find this issue again, it would be great if you find a reprodcuable pattern that fails. Qr code scans should end in all devices of a account guaranteeing encryption but there might be circumstances where it doesn’t work.

When I’ve encountered this issue before my solution was to delete the profile and redeploy as a 2nd device, that will always resolve lack of verified contact issue on any device. I’ll update this thread if it occurs again, as I still have a handful of contacts that are not yet verified.

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