Accessibility: progress of sending messages

Dear developers!
Could you make it possible to receive information about the progress of sending messages?
Since the electricity supply is often turned off in Ukraine, the speed of mobile Internet is significantly reduced. Sometimes it happens that I send a message, but it takes a very long time to send. I would like to receive more detailed information about the progress of the submission to understand what is happening.
Current result: if I focus on the message that is being sent, the screen reader tells me only that the message is currently being sent.
кExpected result: The screen reader also tells me the progress of sending the message as a percentage, as well as information about what exactly is happening (for example, connecting to the SMTP server).
Many thanks for your attention to my request.


Have you thought about this ui/ux?

@ allonkeyns
If this is a question for me, I don t understand you.
I am completely blind.


It would be very interesting to see the progress of the messages with ui/ux

As far as observed over long, delta-chat does not work in a network that is poor and interrupted (disconnect, IP-changes by it on mobil) where internet still would work a little. At most only if 4G is avaliable. Low connection wouldn’t work. But maybe the network is simply not laid out to serve email much, having priority for “paid” service FB, google… good householder.

(Btw worse like writing in this text-editor here… when raining, smoog or storm)

I can send voice messages with DeltaChat using both 2G and 3G. But
sometimes the message takes quite a long time to be sent, so it is
necessary to be able to evaluate the progress of the sending.
For example - Telegram provides this possibility, I can check the
sending progress as I described in the first post. In DeltaChat, I can t
do this, I can only get information about the process of sending a message.
That is, either this possibility exists, but it is not accessible for
TalkBack, or it is not there at all.

The ui has no access to the progress of sending a message currently.

By the way, the situation is the same in Linux. I cannot access the
senting progress using Orca.
All this also applies to downloading files in Linux and Android.