Account mailbox migration vs. standard group - still received messages at the old address

I just encountered a situation in which after my account’s mailbox migration I was able to write a group I was in beforehand with the new address, but I have continued to receive messages to my old address.

The order of events was as follows:

  1. I have began chatting with an unverified contact - let’s call them A.
  2. I have created a group with the same contact A (and another one - B).
  3. I have migrated my account to another mailbox by using the guidance from the blogpost: Introducing Automatic E-mail Address Porting (AEAP) - Delta Chat
  4. I have verified each other’s accounts with the contact A.
  5. The individual chats continued to work just fine, including with contact B, but…
  6. I have noticed that I still get replies to my messages on the group to my old address, even though the contact A got my new mailbox in their contact list, and I have been writing messages to the group which have been delivered and read successfully.

I don’t currently have the time needed to replicate this ‘flow’, since this is somewhat convoluted. I’d want to make sure that it couldn’t be something to do with contact A’s client setup.
The old group where this issue happened was also cleared and left by everyone, so there’s that…

But I’ve got a hunch there could be something off with groups’ membership list not updating.
How is membership of a group defined? Is it per each message sent level, and is there any authority on the level of a group admin, where only they can add/remove members?

Delta Chat version
v1.36.4 across macOS and iOS

Expected behavior
The groups would be notified of the address change: being visible to the participants as a notification, and/or the user’s address will be automatically replaced with the new one.
For the latter point, to my understanding that’s the point of migration - to keep the same encryption keys used for communication.