Activation email not received in Delta Chat


Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

I used the same email address for signing in to the orums as I use for Delta Chat. Hence I expected to receive a “Kontaktanfrage” in the Delta Chat client on my mobile.

Actual behavior

The mail arrived, but only in my inbox of my email account. I could find it fireing up the webmailer page of my email provider. There it was sorted directly into the inbox and not in the folder “Delta Chat” where all the conversation emailes are stored

Steps to reproduce the problem

I clicked the resend butten and I received the second email exactly the same way.


as the forum-activation message is from an unknown sender from the view of delta chat, the contact request does not pop up in the chatlist.

however, in general, it should be there if you got to the contact-request-activity in the menu (i’ve just checked this for me)


Right, that’s what I expected. If someone from “outside” contacts me, his/her attempt appears on top in something like “Kontaktanfragen” (Sorry don’t know how it is called in the english version). So I expected an answer (or any mail) sent to the mail address used by Delta Chat to appear there as well.


Sorry, didn’t get you right before! Yes, of course! you’re right! I found the mails in the contact-request in the three-dot-menu. Before I received a contact-request on top of the chat list that was coming from another DeltaChat client. I didn’t know there are two different points to receive contact-requests from. But it makes sense! Ok, thank you! Issue solved!


things like this happens because the current contact-request workflow is really bad, I sometimes get the notification on top of the chat list but sometimes I don’t and I must keep checking the contact request activity frequently since I usually find missing contact requests there :frowning: hopefully the new changes for the next version make this more user-friendly??


Ah OK, I didn’t think this happens on accident. I thought it was depending if the request comes from another Delta Chat client or from “outside”. But maybe I was wrong!


I think request are also shown for users that write from classic MUA, not from DeltaChat only.