Add a button to center own location on the map (Android Client)


Expected behavior:
Option to show own position in the center of the map by tab a button.

Actual behavior:
If I move the map I have to manually search for own position.

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Is this different from “Always show self-position on map”?


I don’t understand what you mean.

My current position (marker) will always shown on the map.

But if I move the map manually that my current position is outsight of the currently shown sector of the map I have to search manually the marker.

I would like to have a button to move the marker (my position) in the center of the screen automatcally.

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ok, like the “aim” button of any other gps app


Just to clarify things: Do you mean your marker (latest position from you that was send to group) or do you mean your actual current position that could even be displayed when you don’t stream your location right now?


Exactly this. :+1:

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