Add Gitlab mails to delta chat


I am getting a lot of notification mails from Gitlab and I dont want these mails in my normal mails so I thought it would be cool to let Deltachat handle these mails, so I get notifications on my phone while my Inbox stays organized.

So I tried to add Gitlab as a Deltachat contact ( However only a few messages from Gitlab go to deltachat. Most messages, like when someone comments on something, dont go to delta chat.

Has somebody an idea how I could get this to work?


hi @dchat, welcome aboard :slight_smile:

i assume the gitlab - as well as the github - notifications are sort of mailnglists - and mailinglists are currently just not supported in delta chat. this is a known issue that should be targeted at some point; it’s filed at

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Thanks for the reply. Sad that it is not possible and that the issue seems dead, but at least I know now that I am not too stupid to get it working :sweat_smile:

ohh, the issue is not dead. i think it is an important thing delta chat should support.

however, there were tons of even more pressing issues that were handled before. and there are limits in what is doable by a small team (read tip: Xyiv -- off and online developments, on and off-topic [long] :slight_smile: