Add hint to group messages

It’s not easy to use group chats with users who not use DC.

So I think it would be helpful to add a hint to every group message.

My idea (if it’s not too hard to implement):

For group messages replace the standard signature with a signature like this:

“This is a message of a Delta Chat group.
Please use the “relplay to all” button of your mail client. So every group member will get your message”

And also you can add a link to the DC website (

Only non DC users would see this hint

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something like an extra signature… I like that idea, though we should add a button to disable it to save data for our users in countries where the internet is super expensive.

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not sure if non-delta-users users clicking on “reply” instead of “reply all” is really an issue. at least i did not heard much about such problems.

and if this becomes an issue: we could also add some explanations to the “member added” message - this would not waste place in every message, this would not touch customized footer (i am pretty sure, users would not like that) and would not add the need for another, proably hard to explain switch.

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I’m sure it’s a issue.
Because this break’s the group and ends in different 1 to 1 chat’s instead a group chat.

I was confronted more then one time with this.

In this case I replay with "Please use the “replay to all” button.
And this is really annoying for me an my contact.

I know, your contacts are tech users and know that.
My friends are standard WhatsApp users if you know what I mean.

The button which @simon mentioned could be a opt in while greating a group.

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Or a other solution (for me) would the possibility to add on my own, different signatures in “settings > profile”.

Currently there is a editable field “signature”.

You could add a pre filled field with the same editable standard text “Sendet with Delta Chat bla bla…” (I don’t know the standard text because I changed for me).

Call this field “signature for group chat messages” or so.

The content of this field is used for the signature for group chat messages.

In this case it’s the same by default as it is at the moment.
So It’s no extra button or another option (to keep the settings section clean and tidy) needed.

Only interested users (like me) will change the signature ever.
But I’m sure I’m not the only one.

And if WhatsApp is ousted by Delta Chat you can remove this extra field :wink:

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this is true only for very few contacts i have :slight_smile:
i use delta chat with a lot of non-tech users :slight_smile:

And they use there Mail clients to reply to DC groups?
And they always use the “reply to all” button?

Your a lucky man! :wink:
My non-tech friends very often forget this.

But of course, that’s not that important feature.
Still a nice to have.

not sure. maybe you’re right.

as said, however, i would not add such a hint to the potentially personalized footer and i would also not use a switch for that. both may raise more problems and questions as they try to solve.

i would start adding a hint to the “member added” message and see if things are getting better.

also, email programs tend to hide the footers by default. also not sure, if the users causing the problems will really read such hints.

Not sure if this is the solution.
Most times they forget this if I write after a couple of days or weeks in a existing group.
They get a Mail and simply forget it’s a group.

Probably your right.
If the Mail Client hide the header, of course my friend will not realize the hint.

But if not, hopefully he/she will remember it’s a group.

As I said before: There are much more important things to do, to make DC and regular mail more smooth side by side.
E.G. Reply to Message