Add option to record messaging without holding on to the audio recording option

Yesterday I made a suggestion to include a search feature within the chat interface. Today I’ll love to make a proposal. I have used the delta chat application for quite some time now, and I find it very difficult to record long audio messages. This is due to the fact that I am required to press and hold the audio recording button. I’ll love to see a feature which will enable users to slide an lock a particular recording session. This will enable a user to make long audio files without any distractions because he won’t be require to press and hold the audio recording option.

Graphical illustration of how the feature looks like


I also often use audio messages and would like a way to record audio but not have to continously press the audio button – but not sure the “lock” slider idea works well – locks are also used for encryption. Maybe there are other suggestions?

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What is we make it in a way that regardless of the the lock slider we can still have a feature like “hold for 3 seconds to continue recording”. Then a user can remove his thumb

What’s about Conversations (the xmpp client) style?

What about a “rise and speak” feature? I.e., the user rise the phone to the ear and DC executes a little vibration to confirm it’s started recording, and when the user’s done (s)he presses the send icon…

I think this “lock audio recording” is needed +1

Maybe the last part of your idea could be added to the actual design. You press microphone button, and recoring begins, when you want to send it you only would need press send button like a common message. It would be great also add a pause button that appears near to the trashcan but by default without to slide the microphone icon.

As a matter of fact, raise-to-speak was already a feature used by previous versions of DC. I really liked that. I don’t know if it could be re-implemented or not… But well, devs have a lot of suggestions to consider and decide which one(s) are possible to implement.

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I don’t see that problem as this lock symbol is also used in other chat apps.
I can’t really think of any other icon for this right now, maybe a mic with a lock? (but that might be bad for small screens and requires good animation to make it feel right)

Also don’t forget the haptic feedback.

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I see the ‘press and keep pressing to record’ thing like a walkie-talkie… If I want to record a long, uninterrupted audio, I’d just use some kind of other app or program and then just attach the sound file.

but most people don’t want another app for something that from an user point of view looks really simple, if you want to use it as a walkie-talkie is fine but there are situations where having to keep the finger in the button can lead to errors and sending an audio by accident, and having a gesture(ex. swiping up to the proposed lock icon) to lock the recording is really useful

Use a key or shield icon for encryption instead and use the lock for the audio.