List of Feature Proposals

This topic aims to be an complete List of all feature requests on the forum while Grouping similar feature requests together. The goal is to look here first before filing a new feature request.


Voice and Video Calls :telephone_receiver:

Send larger Files as your Provider allows

Profile Images for Contacts :bust_in_silhouette::framed_picture:

If you set your Profile image, your chat partners should see it, too.

Multi Account :bust_in_silhouette::iphone::bust_in_silhouette:

Messaging :right_anger_bubble:


Animated Emojis/Stickers

:emoji: syntax & emoji auto-completion

Text based Emotions (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Quote Messages / Reply/Answer to a Message

Mention User

Markdown Support

Delay send-Message :stopwatch:

Option to don’t send messages immediately, rather wait a specified amount of time and group multiple messages into one.

Mobile: Make message’s text selectable

Option to edit image before forwarding

Data-saving Measures

Image compression :clamp:

Selective Media Download

Don’t download all media automatically in limited/slow cellular networks.

Clear Chat Action / Remove old messages

To save space on IMAP account and device.

change Database Location

In order to solve “internal storage is full, but I have still like 20 gb free on my sd card” on low-end devices.

Show image/media size before sending

Classic Email :arrow_left::arrow_right: DeltaChat Interaction

Chat- and Document-style e-mail addresses and interactions

Subject of Emails

Discussion about the subject content of the actual emails. The Topic is interesting for people that use DC to communicate with people that use other Email Clients.

Naming of the “Show emails?”-Setting (Contact Requests)

Security / Encryption / Privacy

Option to automatically remove meta data from sent images

Proxy Support

Force toggle encryption of a chat

Encrypt Local Deltachat database :file_cabinet::lock:

Better Integration with OpenKeychain additionally encrypted text

Warning when logging in to an Privacy invasive Email Provider

Provide measures for the “device lost”-case

Panic features

Show E2E Encryption state of chat

Key Management / Integration with Openkeychain :closed_lock_with_key:

Send typing statuses

Over an direct connection, it makes no sense to send that over email.

Last Seen

Configuration / Personalization

Choose Image Editing App

MDM for DeltaChat

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for DeltaChat. Useful for Cooperations & Organizations to configure many devices easily.

Disable Encryption

Disable Synchronization (disable MultiClient) [Solved]

Solution: disable the watching of DeltaChat and Sent folders

Per Chat Background

Disable Read Receipts per Chat

Contact verification :bust_in_silhouette::white_check_mark:


A custom uri scheme that enables us to have normal qr codes that get “opened with” deltachat and “Contact on” deltachat links on websites that can already include the public key.

Off-line Contact verification

UX / User Interface

Improve Icons for better Understanding

“Lock” Record Audio button to record longer message

Invite Friends to switch to DeltaChat

Softening the warning Gmail shows when using OAuth2

Desktop - Behavior of Enter Key (send or newline) [Implemented]

Change Name of the DeltaChat

Because it might sound too scientific.

Favorite Contacts

Easy identification of Delta Chat contacts and phone contacts

Show message size and other statistics

show Current GPS position in map view

(without necessarily broadcasting it)

Make contact requests more visible

Search Messages by Date :calendar::mag:

Notification on new Contact Request

“Go to Top” button for Chats

ChatView start at first unread message

Android: “Add button” to add blocked contacts

Start a new Chat from a Message

add a Markdown Reader

useful for news bots as example.

General Gallery

an gallery that lists media from all chats, like the map for all chats

Group Audit log view

Regarding Bots

Bots Buttons & Command auto-completion

Bot - Impersonate Users / Alias names

DeltaChat Bot - Idea of an Assistance bot

A fictional User Story about their experience with an assistance bot in DeltaChat.


Option to enable mime header saving and displaying

Shortcut - press enter in contact search to open first result

Share Contacts as vCard

Remove Feature: Repeated Notifications [??Implemented??]

Block Full Domains (Spam Prevention)

Show connection Status & Status of current action

Resend Leave Group Message when you still get messages after leaving a Group

COI - Chat Over IMAP

Group Invitations - Join Group when Accepting

Rejoin a group you left before

Different Group Types


Send to many people at once without creating

Improve MDN (Read receipt) message to avoid getting marked as Spam

Import Previous Messages from IMAP with new Device

Group Topic

a bit like the MOTD of an IRC Channel

Desktop: 32Bit Client

Support Uudecoding functions (Older Attachment format)

Hide group emails from data mining

First Aid on Failed Login with Provider Information

Contact Lookup (aka. Show who is using DC, too)

Mark Chat as Unread

View the Provider information inside deltachat

“does my provider work with deltachat?” and “what preparation steps do I need to make it work?” answered right away on the login screen.

Other Feature requests

Provider Specific

Problems Regarding Provider Limits

Help / Guide

Rather a Question that a Feature Request.


Complete list: