Search Server Adress Book

A really nice feature, wich would separate DC from other Messengers, could be the function to pull matching emails from the server address book on contact search.

I think this would be a huge benefit for companies and organizations and you can’t do on Whatsapp

AFAIK Imap don’t support this (only exchange) but some email Clients just using LDAP or AD instead:

So this could be the way to go. Maybe allow it to be configured through the autoconfig file on the mail server…

What do you think?

Expected behavior

If you search for a contact you see matches from the phone- and server adress book.

Actual behavior

Only the phone adressbook appears

I think the think we need here is CardDAV or/and as you mentioned exchange active sync. But on that note you can already use contact sync apps for exchange to sync with the phone contacts, so the only new benefit here would be in the desktop version as it currently doesn’t uses the system’s (or thunderbirds for that matter) - address book.

yeah exchange active sync would be nice as well if this can be implemented. I will take a look at CardDAV ty.
Contact sync apps are not a solution for my problem. First of all, I don’t think you can expect for every user to do the extra step and install any contact sync apps… and in my case we have about 10k Users so you don’t want them all to be on anyones phone.