No chat bubble with stickers


Expected behavior

I send an .webp image and there’s no bubble or any other kind of structure containning/surrounding it. If there’s some text, it’s shown below with the usual UI

Actual behavior

When a non-rectangular image is sent, a chat bubble contains it

Example Images

what I talk about (DC 0.304.0)

what I would like to see (Telegram)



The sticker feature isn’t implemented yet, it is planned though.
Was the sticker in the telegram screen shot send as sticker or is this the behavior for every .webp?


The one I used was a Telegram sticker, but I just send a .webp and it’s the same behavior


I’m against displaying all web.p without the chat bubble, though, I’m rather waiting for the “real sticker” implementation or a special header to send as sticker.


We could detect Transparency maybe and declare stickers that way maybe…

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I find it very odd, not when I know we could just avoid the bubble thing…

However, I’m also looking forward for the sticker implementation, mostly for the equivalence between emojis and stickers :wink:


Looking at it again, I must admit that I like Asuna in the bubble more that without the bubble, because the fact that the image has sharp edges is a bit hidden by the bubble, It acts kinda like a window that hides the sharp edges and that way it’s easier on my eyes. IMHO :wink:


So the sticker guidelines from telegram make sense in discouraging sharp edges and adding stroke and shadow:

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