Add custom filters to manage the in-app chat

With the aim of managing the chat in a more organized way, the creation of custom filters would be a good option, that way we would only see the chat that correspond to the filter.

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I like that idea, but I don’t think its as easy as one might think, UI - wise (that also non powerusers can understand and use it.)

Also we need to think about the unread badge in this case.

Greetings, the idea is that each user can create their personal filters and thus add the contacts, if the user wishes to add them, while viewing it as it is in the current view of the application

I do also like the idea.

And if I understand it correctly, it looks as if the “filtering” UI could be the same for the contacts within the chat-list view, as for the subjects within the chat view (see there for a description). The difference would be that a new tab “contact groups”? in the chat-list’s title context would allow to add new groups and group members, while the “topics” tab in the chat title context would allow to add new subject topics.

My suggestion for filters is not related to the topic to be discussed, but to the registered contacts or groups to which I have joined, when we choose a topic, I think, I would be doing something like a debate forum, and when I choose the contact I can Talk to him about any idea. It is a bit complicated when we have several contacts in the chat view and you must move through it to find them and respond or send a message.

a way to make it easier for the “non powerusers” is to make it a bit difficult for the power user :wink: I mean:
instead of filters, let user create categories and add chats manually to the created categories(something like riot is “communities”), and maybe provide some “pre-made” filters like chat types

Yeah, “communities” is a good word for grouped contacts.

I think also using the same UI for the communities in the chat list, as it is already in use in the chat view, would be independently beneficial for keeping all these things easy to use.

Just as tapping on the title can also open a “TOPICS” tab in a chat, it can open a “COMMUNITIES” tab in the chat list. And both will need some search/filter box and an item adding ("+") feature.

Using the “top three” of the defined communities could be an idea to configure the first screen of a more focused “chat view that is grouped by priority” option: