Direct mention on groups


User Story:
I have created a group in Delta Chat and started to chat with some friends. I am able to say something like “@tom: you are right” so it is clear to what friend I am replying to, “tom” is the contact name I have set for my friend but other users see the name they have set for Tom, internally Delta Chat replace “@tom” with Tom’s email so this even work for people that don’t use DC or that don’t have Tom as a contact.
Sometimes the group get a bit noisy, and I am somewhat busy, rather than completely mute the group notifications, I like to set the “direct mention only” option that will mute normal messages but that will notify me if someone mentions me.


Yes, I also think than this feature is very useful. Maybe check group messages for emails, and then notify user, which email message body has? I think this will be good, but I am only an user.