Uudecoding functions


Hi everyone,

to summarise history, current situation and technical background around uudecoding functions I open now this topic here.

I’m working on a final summary which will follow next days and deliver IMHO a conclusion concerning a possible feature request.


what is the point of using binary files? or, isn’t better just code?

I mean, I don’t know how this works…

Is there room in the headers for that possible functions?


Hi d1d4c,

do You understand this topic here?

uuencode is an old fashioned but existing possibility to attach (binary) files to an email.
It’s not controlled by an email header like MIME does.

Standard mail clients still support that in some way. Deltachat doesn’t do that up to now but I investigate into that to support that kind of mail attachment too (self compiled apk).

I will add here a summary of my findings around that so that everyone is able to have all facts around that.


I will wait, then.
Thank you.


Hi there, I’m back now :slight_smile:

Because of doing an easier summary (pictures & text) I prepared a pdf with all my findings. Please see all the details in pdf.


As a conclusion I’m coming to the same opinion than @r10s and would say now, that uuencode support for Delta Chat is not necessary any more (in spite of a meanwhile 99% ready developed and working decoder).

If anyone will need it, I’ll keep it in backup :wink:

Full discussion (and sources) to find here:
uuencoded file attachments - Pull request #212


@csb0730 great summary, thank you very much for the research and for all the background information. this helps a lot on deciding whether uuencode support is needed or not.