Choose editing app

Expected behavior

When the user tap the pencil icon to edit an image file, there’s a prompt/popup/whatever asking for the user to select which app to use, and a default one can be made. There’s a option for this on DC settings too.

Actual behavior

When you tap the pencil icon, it opens the DC editor directly.

Example Images

Sorry, no .jpg files today :wink: Besides, I don’t really mind how you imagine/design/build/implement it.

Sometimes we just want to make that awesome MemeTastic’s meme without getting too far from DC. Keep up your great work! :grin:

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I like this idea, though I would have make this an advanced feature that can be enabled though the settings.
And if it’s default it could look for an “DC-compatible-ImageEditor” tag - which those apps could register themselves to, so we ensure compatibility and ensure the editor app has a minimum set of features like maybe compression levels and working flawlessly together with deltachat.


or maybe just an option similar to “use system emoji” then the default app can be used, for example when I tap the edit button of the app Simple Gallery it shows me apps that are able to edit the image: Meme Tastic and Simple Gallery it self.


this way it doesn’t have to be a DC-specific editor, but any common editor will work, if someone wants to make an app specific for Delta Chat it will work out of the box anyway