Reduce the size of pictures in the mail attachment

Pictures are usually too big to send.
Missing an option to resize images before they are sent.

Or, images are automatically resized, or asked if they should be resized

just some information:

the current state is that images sent are typically recoded to a size of 100K-200K.

as an option, images can be sent as “files” in the original size and resolution.

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I think users should be more aware of this compression and have options to configure it, (ex. low, medium, high) also options to crop, and scale images.

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lots of people I share the app with, complains about other similar apps having compression and that “Delta Chat haven’t” just because they don’t know it does, and also because this compression isn’t good enough

i have to correct my initial size range: i took some photos and send some images:

the range of image size is 30K-90K,

maybe some options make sense, however, i do think that this is not that bad. compressing much more will easily result in much more visible artefacts and a loss of details.

maybe this gets mixed a bit with other message-size issues we have (eg. gossiping keys in groups or the - fixed in the upcoming release - long-References header)

what are the compression rates of the similar apps?

@r10s have to test this, I was thinking the compression level was pretty bad, but 30K-90K is good!! but I think that it is or was not working to me, I have to test this but I think image size was practically the same of the original, maybe DeltaChat shows the size of the original image when I press info, instead of showing the real size of the compressed image???

also one day @hpk sent me a 2MB image!!!

well, older versions of android-dev did not compress which could result in pretty big images (0.9something then)

but the size of the blob(the one shown in the info dialog) is the compressed image, right?? so I can test this…

anyway I think DetaChat should advertise this feature (maybe giving more control/options to the user) or stating so somewhere, if users don’t know this exists, well then this actually do not exist…

(maybe saying so in the “Fast” section, along with ‘the use of Push-IMAP’ and compression)


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Also if IMAP anyhow allows it we should add a really small preview version and only download that by default and provide a download button to get the ‘high’-res one

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an option to do not download the image and allow me to download it by pressing a button would be really appreciated for people on slow connections