Warning if user uses gmail/yahoo/microsoft/etc server


Hi Friends,
Since delta Chat was born for increasing the privacy of the users , at least it seems me to understand:

  • Independent of any company or services. You own your data.
  • Your data are not saved on a central server; this way, in contrast to most other messengers, Delta Chat even protects your metadata (who writes to whom?)
  • You do not distribute your address book to anyone.

whether not to prevent or to underline very well if the interlocutor uses email server as gmail, yahoo, amazon, hotmail, etc, etc?

just a warning like:

"attention your interlocutor is not using a server that respects your privacy!
Pay attention to what you write or attach!"

Or highlight in red the sender or recipient who uses these services.



Oh, I think warning for every “bad” service would be a “privacy overkill” :wink:

A first great step to a better world would be users are willing to install a second messenger side by side to WhatsApp.
The next step could be to redirect they to more secure mail providers.

But this step should be done by friends not by Delta Chat.


I do not recommend to use gmail, but if you are using e2e encryption, at least for verified contacts it should be safe to chat using gmail, ignoring the tracking of who writes to whom…


Yeah, while the intention to drive users to change to privacy friendly e-mail providers is commendable I don’t think Delta Chat should actively moan about the user’s provider since that might come across schoolmasterly, so in other words very uncool.
A better way would be if Delta Chat would “advertise” recommended providers either inside it’s help section or online within the documentation/website/wiki.


I do support webrattes strategy.
Step by step.
No overkill.
Pls. take in account, that DC is as well a possibility not only for single PRIVAT user, but also for business and even more urgent for PUBLIC ORGANISATION (universities, authorities, like police, justice, hospitals, radio/tv --> in Deutschland ÖR - radio is still using “wartsab” AND defending this missbehaving!). They do own their server and should have them under control. mfg


Another idea, could be to enable a plugin structure inside DC, where any other developers (like me) could develop a plugin with this one feature, without having to create useless and dispersive forks…
As for Firefox, what has made the success of it… :wink:



Hi @danjde
I also have a idea. If you are a dev, why don’t you pick up a open issue and try to fix it.
I think force developing of a real WhatsApp replacement is much more helpful then warn users to use a bad mail provider :wink:

Isn’t it?