Retract/edit sent messages

I’m bringing up the feature request mentioned before:

4 years later, still not implemented.

To summarize: Retract/edit sent messages like Telegram does.

Yes I know it’s not a guarantee, I know one could just take a screenshot of the messages, and neither does Telegram avoid that. However they are very handy features to correct typos, avoid embarrassment, cleanup conversations and so on.

Even Signal already had the ability to delete sent messages for everyone.

Just make it work like self disappearing messages, but existing messages are deleted/modified on receiving remote requests.

There should be a GUI toggle to disable remote deletion/modification functionality per chat basis, and upon disabling, No one should be able to retract/edit sent message.

The toggle needs a cooldown mechanism to avoid toggling on for a brief moment to edit then toggle off. Make it require a Accepted response from recipe in order to switch the toggle. This is not a guarantee again, but it’s to make sure at least official Delta Chat client doesn’t have major design flaws in regards to the functionality.

Also there is the question how to show that in email with people that use normal email clients.

I agree editing to correct typos is useful (I do it all the time in telegram, discord and even on this forum) but I imagine recieving the same message edited five times in email looks weird to users which don’t use DeltaChat

Some thoughts on this