Addition of automatic media download feature

I’d love to propose a feature which I believe will be of extreme help to both the platform and its users. The name of the feature I’m proposing is an Automatic media download feature.

The automatic media download feature is a feature which should be developed and implemented. It should provide users with control over how media files such as pictures, videos, audios, and documents are downloaded when shared within the delta chat application.

Automatic media download feature should be the name of the proposed feature and it should be added to the settings tab. When it is clicked, it should display picture tab, audio tab, video tap and document tab all independent of the other. The above tabs mentioned should have sub-feature like WiFi, Never and Cellular when clicked.

When the developers are developing the Automatic media download feature, they should implement the WiFi option as the default option across all media files. What this means is that media files shared within the delta chat application should only download when the user is connected to a WiFi network. If a user wishes to change this, he can go ahead an do so.


The benefit of implementing the Automatic media download feature is huge. Features are always a plus to any application, and it gives more credit to the developers.

The Automatic media download feature will enable users to take total control of their data while conversing with other users. They’ll get to choose an option which suits them at all times.

For instance, if I’m running short of internet data, I can choose never to download media files automatically until I have subscribed for an internet bundle. If I’m connected to a WiFi network, I can easily change my downloading option to WiFi.

I believe since the Delta application is open sourced, more power and control should be given to the users.


Hi @abasifreke50
Thank you, I agree with you. And I would like to have more control over the compression level of media files.

I have suggested this already (OK with a few less words then you :yum:).

See the 3. post in the linked thread.

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A good idea, but I think this:

is extreme :slight_smile:

I know you pain, when I travel in rural areas, attachments can easily DDoS delta chat, but it is rare case for people living across megalopolises, where unlimited mobile 25/5 Mbit internet is a normal case.

If this proposal would be accepted, I suggest to implement it as it’s done in other email clients, - leave placeholder for media/attachment if app is in WiFi mode, so at least, if one still needed to see some attachment, then he can tap on placeholder to enforce downloading even app is in WiFi mode.

@AlexJ I think he refers to automatic downloads, which I think it is fine to set it to WiFi only by default, manually downloading by tapping a button or placeholder, should be an always available option. I think this is really good since even in a megapolis downloading probably unwanted big attachments that slows down your connection suck everywhere, isn’t it???


I never has a problem with t-mobile to download over mobile network a bunch of attachments if I stay in their network.

for the record, some crosslinks: recent android request at (closed and linked here), some technical ideas (due to the nature of encrypted email, it is not that easy to implement if one wants to separate between media types)

I see that this is a problem in encrypted messages, however I think that it would still be very useful to implement it in non-encrypted messages, there are many users who would appreciate this, in addition there is still enough interaction with contacts who continue to use a MUA, and who do not encrypt their messages .

mime parts could be encrypted separately but then it would reveal metadata like “this email has an attachment” not a big deal IMHO since email expose more important metadata like “who writes to whom”

on the other hand, as a first step, DC could just prevent the download of the whole email if it is bigger than X, and let the user decide if they want to download it, for example showing a placeholder like: “[message size is 2MB, tap to download]”

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yip, i also thought about that, this is something that seems more reachable :slight_smile:


maybe an easy way for now is, send 2 messages,

  • one with the full message text + attachments
  • a second message containing only the text + metadata without the attachments, (Only when the attachment is more than 50Kb)

in this way Delta could show the text of the message and a button to download the attachments when the user wishes.

this is only on encrypted messages