Ideas for image compression feature

Thank you for the Image compression option (experimental feature).

I have a few ideas for refine this feature.
Add more compression options (values stolen from a other messenger):

  • High quality (2 MP)

  • medium quality (1 MP)

  • low quality (0,4 MP)

  • original (unchanged)

  • ask everytime before sending

If this point is choosed, open a pop up window with the options to choose the size of the picture.
If you like you also can show in this window a checkmark (unchecked by default) remember this choice.

Background of this wish:
Sometimes I need a high quality pic (maybe in HD). And sometimes I only send only a funny pic with low priority.
And I don’t want go everytime to global settings.


for now, you can send images as “files” if you want to bypass the compression.

so, at least, there is no need to go to the settings if you want to send a file uncompressed (which is is a bad idea in most situations imo)

in general, i am not really sure if refining this option is really useful. also as it affects both, senders and receivers, it may be useful to have a simple switch to communicate. i am more thinking about a more general “low bandwidth” or “outgoing media quality” option that also changes compression or voice messages and the probably upcoming video recoding.

also wanted to note that the default compression is already very strong.

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most messenger (that I know) work the way I described. So it can’t be the worst way.

The “ask everytime before sending” would be a unique feature. That’s what I miss in every messenger I know.

And it gives the user more control of his/here pics.

You say it effect both sides. This is correct.
Other messengers handle it this way:

Optionally download only attachments smaller then x MB or in WiFi.
All other download by long press the thumbnail.
Also as a user preference.

OK, sending uncompressed Pics as File is a workaround I can live with it.
Not nice but possible :wink:

Still I think it would not hurt if it’s not to hard to implement.
It’s a user preference.

+1 for:

Highly compressed audio and media in general, is highly needed for people on slow/paid networks, specially for the situation of Cubans.


Then it’ll implement on deltachat-core


I also like the possibility to choose from more options to compress pictures. The advantage of DeltaChat in comparison to the other messenger is, that you have the pictures inmediately as email on your computer and you do not have to look it on the small Mickey Mouse screen of the phone. I like it to look at the pictures fullscreen on the computer and the screens are growing and growing … so I would like to have the possibility to have the pictures in higher resolution.

When having that feature we need to show the resulting size before sending.
Otherwise the users get surprised by an full email account or empty mobile data plan.
Also I would postpone this until we have (Addition of automatic media download feature, that feature was also mentioned in this thread by webratte).