New feature: Group Types

Introducing: Group types

Group type will be a property you set on group creation time, my types proposal are:

  • Democratic Group: This is the current group type of Delta Chat, everybody have admin rights over the group, it will be the default group type.
  • Owned Group: This kind of group has an owner(the creator), the owner will be the only with admin rights(ex. can change the name of the group, and add/remove members, etc), the only modification a normal member can do is to leave the group and they can also post in the group, they can’t add/remove other members from the group nor change the name/image of the group. (more complex behaviour like allowing multiple owners may be added) (maybe this is somewhat what the COI folks call “channels”)
  • Blind Group: This kind of group is similar to the Owned Group since the creator of the group is the only who can modify the group state, but this group type is even more restrictive, normal members can not leave the group, they can not post in the group, they don’t see other members of the group, actually they don’t even know they are in the group since they receive messages from the group owner as normal 1x1 chats. The purpose of this groups is to share the same message with several contacts(ex. notifications, or instructions for at-risk group) without starting a noisy group :wink: and without spreading the contact address with others, and therefore respecting their privacy. This kind of group was previously requested here: Broadcast messages (for later version after 1.0 release)

This is a very nice idea! +1


Blind Group is a bit like the broadcast functionality in WhatsApp, maybe we can add the word broadcast somewhere in the name or description to help people coming from WA to understand it.

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Hi Schiminieee :slight_smile:
I don’t want to force names with this proposal, what I am proposing is the functionality, I used that names just to name them somehow to talk about it, I am ok with whichever name the developers decide for this.

Also I had never used WhatsApp, didn’t knew that info, thanks for your comment.


You mean something like this :wink:


webratte I have updated the post to point to your ‘Broadcast messages’ post in the ‘Blind groups’ section, to keep things tidy :slight_smile:

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I don’t see a way to implement the “Blind Group” type so an alternative could be a “Channel” group type, in the email the “To” header is set to the channel owner and the rest of the channel members are set in BCC, the channel owner is the only one who knows the group members and the only who can write in this group, users can only leave the channel, which will be shown as a channel in delta and shouldn’t let users to send anything, the bottom bar should be hidden


Me gusta esta idea servirían para trabajos de negocio y mensages publicitarios y no creo que sea difícil de realizarlo, seria similar al mensage de difusión de WhatsApp.