Broadcast messages (for later version after 1.0 release)

Sometimes I have to send a message or a file to more recipients.

Currently I have to send many messages with the same content or I have to create a group.

My idea is:

  • Add a item in the contact list “Broadcast list” (next to “new group”).
  • Let choose some recipients (similar to group creation).
  • Now put all the addresses into the “BCC field” (not into the “To field” as in "group creation).

This way I can send one message to many people without publish all addresses to all recipients.

You know this from regular mail :wink:


I need this also!!! I was thinking about to propose some kind of “read only group” so I can send the same message to a group of friends but I don’t want them to start chatting or annoying others members with unwanted messages, also I may not want to share the address of some members with the rest of the group, I think this is really useful for managers in business and for people at risk and activists.
webratte +100 :slight_smile:


Seems there’s no such solution in here so far.

This is similar to what WhatsApp has:


next version will have broadcast as described in the first post, see Broadcast group (distribution list) - #34 by r10s for details.

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