Data consumption by the delta chat

What actions are being taken regarding the high consumption of data that the application presents with respect to others, which in my opinion is one of the reasons for the lack of interest on the part of users.


Which data consumption do you mean exactly?

I believe the overall data consumption is higher than in other apps, mainly because we don’t have Selective Media Download yet. Currently every picture or file others sent you is downloaded without asking the user like other messengers do unless you are in a wlan.

compared to core-c, core-rust already uses less data as it has more reliable re-sending; at least this was my understanding. so, things are already improving :slight_smile:

apart from that, we’ve spotted several methods to save traffic, see the corresponding label at

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You can find the planned data saving measures on
And you can find a list of proposed data saving measures under Data-saving Measures in our List of Feature Proposals

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every message DC sends is bigger than an equivalent message sent with a classic MUA, due to the cryptographic key which is sent in every message, even when users have set that they don’t prefer encryption, if user disables encryption, the key shouldn’t be sent, also there was some plan to use an smaller key, and avoiding sending the key if it isn’t necessary will help

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Something that seems to me that also influences the high data consumption is that for each message sent the APK forwards a copy to the same sender, in my case I have three email clients simultaneously, each message sent arrives a copy to the other two APKs, even if you don’t have confirmation of receipt yet.

Algo que a mí me parece que también influye en el alto consumo de datos es que para cada mensaje enviado la APK reenvía una copia al mismo emisor, en mí caso que tengo tres clientes de correo de forma simultánea, cada mensaje enviado llega una copia a las otras dos APK, aunque no tenga aun la confirmación de recibido.

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In the next release there will be an option to disable the bcc to self, I had disabled it and it improve things a lot!

En la próxima versión de Delta Chat, será posible deshabilitar el envío a uno mismo de una copia de cada mensaje que es enviado, ya yo lo tengo deshabilitado y el consumo es menor, una mejora substancial!!