Call the contact

Llamar al contacto :

Me gustaría que se agregará, en las opciones del Chat, la opción de llamar al contacto, creo que no sería muy complicado su implementación y podria ser bastante útil para los usuarios. Por supuesto sólo funcionanria para los contactos con números de teléfono.

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Call the contact:

I would like to add, in the options of the Chat, the option to call the contact, I think it would not be very complicated to implement and could be quite useful for users. Of course, it would only work for contacts with phone numbers.


There is a topic on calls. But I don’t see connection between email and PSTN.

But the idea of opening contact screen from chat is great.

Telegram has two option when you click on the call this contact:

  • Call over telegram
  • classically Call over phone number

So basically this would just be a shortcut - A convenience feature for mobile dc users


But should we encourage PSTN? It’s more of a philosophical question for core developers of course. Personally I would be disappointed by such a move.

BTW, why did you said this about Telegram? I just tried to open a chat and tap the handset: it just started an internal call. Could it be different if you use not FOSS version? I got Delta and Telegram from F-droid.

when you click on the mobile number in the contact view in telegram you get this dialog (at least I get it):

Yeah, that path works! )

But again, wouldn’t it be more logical just to open contact’s system screen. User will have any option of other communications with basically same number of taps.

well I know why @agutierrez suggested that feature, he is Cuban, and here users don’t have the mobile data on full time, due to cost and battery life, so what we do is to ping friends(to do a missed call) when we write a message to them so they see their phone and say “oh friend X is ringing me, I will check Delta Chat to see his message”
so it is a signal to request a friend to go online, but that is a particular use case of us I think, don’t know if it is worthy and may annoy users like @searoso for philosophical reasons


Philosophically I would be happy to use mesh networks for independent connection. But chances I would see it during my life aren’t growing that fast.

I do not deny what @adbenitez says but, and if:
A user writes me: call me when you see this message, I need to speak with you urgently:
I have to leave the application, open the contact application, write the number or the name of the contact and then give it a call. Uncomfortable, they do not believe.
You could find many situations in which you need to make a direct call to the person with whom you communicate.
-I believe that not all communication is solved with messages.

  • The vast majority of messaging applications have call options, and Delta Chat has no alternative but this, by mail.
  • Maybe I’m wrong but I think it should not be so difficult to implement. I think that opening the contact screen resolves as I commented before.

We just got an email from cuba that also wishes for this feature.
(normal call from contact view when you have an number saved in your contacts for that contact)

Similar to the “your name” text field in the profile info settings, a “your phone number” setting could be added.

If you need help implementing this, i could offer to create a PR for the android platform.

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actually if I understand correctly, this isn’t about advertising your phone number, but to just offer an option to call the contact if you happen to have a contact with that email in your phone’s address book and that contact also has a phone number field