OpenKeychain integration

Have you considered the possibility of integrating in ?


yes, we’ve considered it, but one issue is that OpenKeychain is available for Android only while Delta Chat is multi-platform (and we did not want a different PGP solution on every platform).

however, we’re in close contact with the authors of OpenKeychain as well as with K-9 and there is some cooperation, eg. Autocrypt and also the QR code verification (labs-feature in Delta) is compatible between Delta Chat and K-9.


That’s true, I didn’t realice that.

Excellent work, thanks!

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Openkeychain integration would be really nice, as users could continue to manage their keys from within one place. Moreover it would give users more possibilities, as Openkeychain has more powerful PGP features than DeltaChat. Users could use their key for more aliases or use e.g. a Nitrokey for example. And as this would give a benefit to users who use other E-Mail clients aside from DeltaChat, this is clearly in DeltaChat’s scope, as it’s goal is not to interfere with the users current E-Mail setup.

(However, please don’t lose the focus on being user-friendly, you do great work in this means!!. Thanks, by the way.)

Edit: So, please don’t drop the current PGP implementation, as doing so would probably really harm the UX for those who don’t use PGP/Openkeychain in the first place.

While I get the point of not wanting multipe PGP solutions, I for example use the same email account for Delta Chat as I use with K-9 and mutt (on my desktop).

In this case, the options are:

  • export Delta Chat key, add it as a subkey (gpg and OpenKeychain) and publish pubkey on keyservers
  • export key from gpg without encryption and password and import it to Delta Chat
  • don’t use encryption at all

I don’t like either of above options, but I still went with the second one, because it’s the only one, which allows me to read emails encrypted with the key, people already have and use.

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Btw, I stopped using because of that and some other inconveniences, nobody cares about.

@anon96500352 hi, we care, there are too many things to do, also please report the other inconveniences in new posts/threads