Better Gmail support

Hey guys,

since it took me quite while to get Gmail proper (and fast!) configured, I propose, that default settings for gmail should be changed.

Expected behavior:

By setting up gmail as email provider the setting shown here(Funktioniert nicht) should be taken by default.

Actual behavior:

With the current “automatic” configuration for gmail the user faces very long delays for the message reception. The standard user won’t accept this and I think there will be a very limited chance to spread this app as “instant messenger”.

Isn’t it possible to change these gmail default settings? This would help many people, since every playstore user has a gmail account…


played a bit around, see Gmail does not work , apart from the need to enable “less secure apps” (we should think about supporting googles auth at some point :), things work as expected.


guys I’m not entirely clear gmail configuration, I still get an error, someone could send me images of how to do it well … please

i think this Google helppage should give some hints:

however, also the upcoming release of Delta Chat release will make usage of Gmail a bit easier :slight_smile:

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The new Oauth2 support for gmail addresses only works for when your email address ends with “”.

We also need this support for users of Google suite apps where you do have Gmail, just with your own domain name.

So at the moment, all these users need go through the “unsecure apps” thing with google. And when the admin of the google suite has turned that option off, all those people are our of luck and cannot use delta chat ;-(

@mark do you know if there is an option to find out these users from the domain name?
i do not like the idea to have a screen in the app that offers “google” as a preselection.

So at the moment, all these users […]

do you know how many users are this compared to the users?

EDIT: maybe it works by typing in and hit “ok” if the subsequent google-page offers the gapps account - the real selected address is retrieved using googleapis on oauth2 success

I’d say: use a MX lookup of the email adress to find out where the user is storing their emails. If it’s google, its probably a Google apps for domains user.

And with the number of users in google apps. I’m guessing thousands perhaps even millions, but I don’t think google would ever release real numbers :wink:

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