Favourite contacts


Make possible to favourite contacts will allow users to easily identify they real contacts from contacts automatically added from a group, or that users don’t use to talk to.
Favourite contacts will be shown at the top of the list in the contacts list.
Initially all contacts in the phone’s contacts will be marked as favourite.

Easy identification of Delta Chat contacts and phone contacts

if all phone contacts would initially be favorited and then someone who is not a favorite chats with me, would i even see it? i think rather pinning/favoriting contacts manually is a better idea. How do other messengers do it if they do it? Can someone contribute an overview?


in Whatsapp eg it’s possible to pin chats, not contacts, to the top… so pinned chats simply stay at the top of the chat overview list (and are marked with a pin icon)…


why wouldn’t you be able to “see” a non-favourite contact???
what has to do having your phone contacts favourited by default with that??? I think you misunderstood me.
Favourite contacts will be sorted at the top of the contacts list so you find them quickly (ex. when creating groups) also some people may use it to differentiate phone contacts from DC contacts. Non-favourite contacts will be also in the list they will NOT be hidden from users.

The purpose of the favourite feature is to distinguish your VIP contacts from the rest, I think if you have a contact in your phone contacts, it is important enough to you, (well at least I am not adding people in my phone contacts if they aren’t family or friends, maybe I am an eccentric weirdo)


pining chats could be another interesting/useful feature, but this “favourite contacts” feature proposal will not influence chat sorting.


hi @adbenitez – indeed i misunderstood, rather thought about pinned chats. I wonder if marking them somehow as “direct contact” or so and having an easy way to switch out non-direct contacts could be enough. Having two alphateical lists under each other might be annoying – i may not always be sure if something is a direct (pinned) contact or not … but i’d like to find a contact and not have to scroll two possible long lists.
my 2cents :wink:


well even if they are not sort to the top, showing the list as usual but at least having an avatar badge or something to differentiate them from the non-direct contacts could be enough at the moment.