Add an option to disable e2e encryption

I had some friends whom were available on Delta Chat but they uninstalled and/or are not available right now. It would be great if you implement an option to disable the encryption on this chat manually, instead of a guessing by to detecting if people are not using encryption and disable it automatically that could be less secure.

Expected behavior

Chat with these people like common mail without encryption because they don’t use Delta Chat.

Actual behavior

I can’t chat with them using Delta Chat because keys are maintained as if they were using Delta Chat.

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AFAIK if DC received a mail without a public key into the header, encryption will automatically disabled.

A mail without a public key will sendet if your friends send this message with a client which not support autocrypt or if there is no key available.

Mmm, then I will wait others messages to see it. My messages maintain the lock (and encryption) after receive a message without encryption, at least first two messages I have received.

I have tested it.
If I replay to a unencrypted message (in a previously encrypted chat), my replay is also unencrypted.

I use version 0.200.0 from Gplay.

You must talk with someone that used Delta Chat, then you must communicate with him without he using Delta Chat.

That’s what I did.
I have two accounts on two devices for testing.

I have a encrypted chat between device 1 (DC) and device 2 (also DC).

Then I reply a unencrypted message via k9 (mail client) from device 1 to device 2 (DC) and reply (via DC).

This reply is also unencrypted.

Currently, deltachat only turns off encryption automatically,(always) after receiving an unencrypted message from the other person.

This thread seems to be a duplicate feature proposal of

which should provide all the required manual override options for the autocrypt mode.

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Then, I don’t understand this.

My friend sent me a message (now deleted) I replied him but he could not read the message, then he sent me that message on the photo and I replied him. I am waiting for him to know if he could read my message.

Anyways, my messages are marked as encrypted, with the lock.

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