DeltaChat recognizes DeltaChat

One of the most important features of DC is its compatibility to chat with other e-mails, and I hope that it stays that way, but I think this limits the development of great and powerful features in Delta Chat.
My proposal is for DC to recognize when he is chatting with DC.
In this way they could optimize many processes

The idea is that:

  • DC adopts standard behavior when chatting with other clientes.
  • DC adopt a more professional and complex behavior when chatting with it allowing exploit all its potentialities.

I have read some related topics here in the forum, but none intended to this topic.
I would like to know your opinions to know if what I say makes sense.


DeltaChat reconoce a DeltaChat
Una de las características de DC más importante es su compatibilidad para chatear con otros correos y espero que esto se mantenga así, pero, creo que esto limita en mucho el desarrollo de magníficas y poderosas características en Delta Chat…

Mi propuesta es que DC reconozca cuando esta chateando con DC.
De esta manera podrían optimizar muchos procesos

La idea es que:

  • DC adopte u comportamiento estándar cuando chatea con otros clientes
  • DC adopte un comportamiento más profesional y complejo cuando chatea con el mismo permitiendo explotar todas sus potencialidades.

He leído algunos temas relacionados aquí en el foro, pero ninguno intencionado a este tema.

Me gustaría conocer sus opiniones para saber si lo que digo tiene sentido.

I think this is done by default.
At least the DC-knows-when-you-are-a-DC-user part.

What does it even mean? I can reply to a chat message from traditional MUA, then send a follow-up with DC, then mix them again. So it’s unpredictable to some extent.

Would be cool, of course. But it looks like a way to introduce more problems than solutions.

The first thing I thought was trying to mark the message with something discrete that could also contain several meanings that DC understood.

(I think I should study more the structure of a mail message to bring a more elaborate idea)

Can explain it, but…
If you text me by the first time, then 2 things* can happen

  1. You go directly to the trash bin a.k.a “Contact request”.

  2. In top of chat list appears your message with a prompt aking if I want to chat with you. I’ve seen this is only when the sender uses DC.

*I got DC set to show all classic mails.

DC already can know when other peers use Delta Chat, every message sent by a DC client has an X-Mailer header which even show the version of Delta Chat (Android, ios, Desktop) and the DC core version,
this is already used to provide “complex behavior” ex. read receipts(double check marks) and special handing of feature requests, which only works if the other peer use delta chat,

so since this is already done, @agutierrez I suggest you to mark this as solved and if you have a concrete proposal of a new “complex behavior” to exploit, please open a new feature request :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have been realizing some of those things. That’s why I haven’t said anything else about it.

However, I do not understand why DC sends matters and signatures to the messages, knowing that the other user has DC and that data is not shown in the message and is (I think, unnecessary), that information should be sent only when communicating with a MUA.

Anyway I will close it (when I know how to do it) and worry about things that I can understand.


Maybe because I sometimes open DC messages from other DC users via MUA. Maybe I didn’t get you right.

maybe because in the future the signature will be shown in the users profile as an status message, I guess

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